Steps to DIY Painting an Abstract Art on Your Tee

DIY Painting a tee is a fun way to breathe back life into an old shirt. You can paint just about anything without any fear of ruining the shirt, especially if what you're aiming for is an abstract design.

At one point or another you might have thought about making your own abstract art painting but might have been unable to find the time to get a canvas or the right tools.

One thing new artists should remember is that art can be made anywhere and on anything. Art is neither retrained nor is it time-bound.

Be creative and free-spirited enough to turn just about anything into a utensil and a canvas.

To paint abstract art on your tee shirt you will need:
Acrylic paints
Mixing plate
Any creative utensil, from bubble wrap, corn, rolling pin, lace, and sponges.
The traditional way of painting art is by using a brush, while creative minds know you can turn any tool into a painting instrument.

Following are steps to painting abstract art on a tee:
1. Prepare paints and the idea for the abstract art
Decide on what design you are planning on making on the tee, it may be an inspiration from an abstract painting hung somewhere at your home or from some magazine.

Afterward, decide on which hues of paints you will be using for that design. Set them aside and if there is any mixing required you can also start the mixing of colors on a mixing tray or plate.

2. Place a piece of cardboard underneath the first layer of the shirt so no paint seeps under
If you directly paint on the tee then there are chances of the paint seeping under the fabric to the backside of the shirt.

To prevent that from happening place cardboard under the front layer of the shirt so any paint that seeps through can go on the cardboard and not the fabric.

If you have any type of questions relating to where and ways to use, you could contact us at the page.
Sketch the abstract art on the tee-shirt
Before you delve into painting the main design, first start by sketching the design or divide areas where you would want different patterns to be.

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