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"Ok dad!" XuZe nods to say: "daddy you Legitimate Religion Jeans outlet early to early back, and I went to cook dinner, mama also guide a burst of virtually must also return!"

As a rumbling sound, the motor XuFu determine speedily in XuZe's line ofsight, following XuZe frivolously sighed, father is generally so busy, minimal relaxation.
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But he also knows that have been in this line is these kinds of, help you save as fireplace, although it is correct faith jeans for gals apparent that this is not what ailment, but just concluded, XuFu is relaxation all have no, then push previous, this also is the professional obligation, XuZe very urinate comprehend this fact...

Standing in front of the XuZe, watching my father that receding determine, encounter a warm smile and a faint this time the cooking, wait for the mother and father back again, you can immediately to try to eat very hot food stuff!

Wander into the kitchen area, scheduling to prepare dinner, but identified no-air glass have prolonged cooked a pot of mens real religion denims factors, diligently opened, a stream of common fragrance face, Viewed pot boil it a full chicken, XuZe coronary heart welled up a strands of silent warmth

Take out rice cooker, thoroughly wash again, and then boiled rice and open some a long time old fridges, obtain a handful of eggs, a small meat and two environmentally friendly vegetables, thoroughly fired a few dishes, just put down GuoChan satisfactorily, Just looking at a bit some Fried aged of green true faith skinny vegetables, frivolously sighed, mumbling tunnel: "it is a small rusty!"

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