Facilities at The London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick is the second largest and second busiest airport of United Kingdom. It is ranked amongst the Europe’s leading airports serving point-to-point flights. The London Gatwick is also known as the airport with world’s busiest runway averaging an incredible figure of 52 aircraft movements every 60 minutes. In the year 2011, an approximate of 33.6 million passengers passed through the gates of London Gatwick airport. The airport is equipped with all the amenities as per international standards. All kinds of transportation facilities are easily accessible that include Gatwick airport car hire, taxi, shuttle transfer service, buses, coaches and trains.

There are a large number of transportation firms offering Gatwick airport shuttle transfer services. They let you book your private transport and travel in style and comfort to your hotel in London, cruise port, private residence or any other destination of your choice. The London Gatwick consists of two main terminals: The North Terminal and South Terminal. Both terminals of Gatwick consist of places of recreation and relaxation. Shops, cafes, restaurants etc are available and the disabled travelers can also travel through all areas easily. Baby changing and feeding facilities and play areas for children are also available at both terminals of London Gatwick airport.

Airport offers facilities for all kinds of travelers from solo travelers to businessmen, groups to families and even disabled travelers. The two terminals of airport, North and South are connected with each other via Gatwick Airport inter-terminal transit which is a two-way automated people mover track. This is for the convenience of passengers who wish to get to the other terminal of the airport. The airport’s internal shuttle system is operated by two automatic and three driverless train vehicles. Getting transport to Gatwick airport 24/7 from any part of the county is as easy as a pie. The airport has its own train services named as Gatwick Express. It runs from Gatwick Airport railway station to Victoria Station in London.

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